Private Nursing Care in the home , in your aged care home or during your hospital stay

January 15, 2020

Private Nursing / Home Care –

Private home care services are available for anyone in the home or at your Aged Care facility or during your hospital stay.

What are Private Home Care Services?

Private home care services are user-pays services.

There is no waiting period for privately-paid home care services. You can access support whenever you need it.

What kind of services can I access to support me at home?
The types of services accessed privately are varied and can range from nursing or palliative care at home, to transport, cleaning, social support and everyday help at home. Private Nursing means you can choose the agency you want and the hours you want.

The type of service you access, and how many hours, is entirely up to you. The agency that you choose can also help by understanding your needs and goals and will work with you to develop a plan for your care.

What is Private Home Care?
Private services provide care for short-term relief when you’re recovering from illness or injury.

Private services can be used to help when:

After a hospital visit and need support
if you have been unwell and need help recovering and getting back on your feet
Short-term care
Long term care in the home or at your aged care facility
if you have a Home Care Package but need extra services in the home
Freedom to choose private home care services

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